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Making a Selfish Case for Sustainable Wood

A lot of attention has been given to the sustainability of our global forests and associated resources.  World-wide deforestation can certainly have a negative impact on local economies, global trade and the environment.  And while all of these items deserve proper research, I would like to make a case for sustainable wood, from a different perspective.

For thousands of years, wood has been one of the mediums of choice for artists.  Wood can serve as the structural component for art.  It can be used as accents and accessories, and is used as the color palette for furniture making and intarsia.  Wood is not only a very practical resource, but it truely adds depth to an artists toolbox.

As an artist, I support the sustainable harvesting of forests.  It is in my best interests.  In order to create art, I need the beauty of wood.  If we don't manage a sustainable supply of wood, then my craft will become limited to only those wood species that survive.  Variety is the spice of life, and is the lifeblood of an artist.

If the supply of beautiful wood dwindles, then my options to create become limited.  The price of my raw materials will skyrocket and if I am even able to purchase the wood, the resulting art that I make, will be limited to the few people that can afford it.  Art should be something that everyone can participate in, not just for the elite.

In my case, I make an effort to purchase my wood from reliable suppliers who have a history of supporting a sustainable forestry program.  It is difficult to ensure that all wood comes from a sustainable, renewable program, but with a little effort from everyone, we can ensure that the wood that we depend upon is available for the future.

This article was written by William Ake, www.mazurkapens.com