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Mazurka Pens News

New Pens are here!


Look for a variety of woods and styling.  Check us out beginning 2023.

Black Ash Burl Pens Coming Soon

Everyone loves Black Ash Burl!  Spectacular color and figure are hallmarks of this type of wood.  Its rich tan / brown colors are marked with swirling grain and dark eyes.  I have received more of this wonderful wood and soon, very soon, will be completing a few pens made from the wood.  Keep an eye [...]

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Just Arrived - New Cochinchin Burls

We are pleased to announce that we have just recevied a new shipment of highly figured Cochinchin burls.  New pens will be coming soon, check back often or subscribe to our news feed for updates.  As always, you can contact us for special orders.

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New Pens Coming Soon

Very excited about some of the new pens that will be available shortly.  Please check back often as I will be putting out a large number of handmade fountain pens, rollberall pens and ballpoints on the website.

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Black Ash Burl has Arrived!!

Very excited about our new shipment of Black Ash Burl wood.  I have a new source of high-quality wood and this shipment does not disappoint!  Look for some new products coming from the black ash burl soon!

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Redwood Burl in Stock

Redwood is in the family of some of the largest living trees that have ever existed on the planet! Just arrived is some giant Sequoia (Sequoia gigantium) which takes the record for the largest living tree in the World. In the mid 1800′s logging operations started in the forests where these trees grow, leaving behind [...]

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New Coolibah Burl Arrived

Very excited about the arrival of some coolibah burl!  Looking forward to what I can create with the new wood.  If you are interested in a custom order, please feel free to let me know.

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New Bock Fountain Pen Nibs

We are pleased to announce that we now have available Bock Fountain Pen nibs.  These are a great upgrade for your fountain pen and will significantly improve your writing experience.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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New Shipment of Amboyna Burl

Very excited about a new shipment of highly figured Amboyna Burl wood.  The grain looks amazing and I can't wait to make some pens.  Check back soon to see what they look like, or contact us directly to request a custom pen.

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New Birdseye Maple Arrived

Just received a highly-figured board of birdseye maple.  Looking forward to working with this wood to make some new handcrafted wood pens.

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