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Corporate Gift Ideas

Are you responsible for finding that special corporate gift idea or employee gift idea?  It can be a real challenge to determine what gift to give a colleague, boss or retiree.  You want to give something to that corporate employee that they will like, enjoy and use, but still have a gift that is unique and will be appreciated.  Above all, you want the gift to reflect that you care about what you are giving.  You want it to be an original gift idea - as original as the person receiving the gift.

It is the Thought that Counts

The old saying that "It's the thought that counts" is still true today.  Most people will appreciate a gift, regardless of what it is.  But, everyone who gives a gift, wants it to be used, treasured and loved.  That is the challenge!  So, what to get a corporate colleague? How to say that you appreciate them or their hard work without ensuring that your gift is relegated to the closet?  How about a handmade gift idea!

Handmade Pens & Writing Instruments as Gift Ideas

A handmade pen or pencil is a great gift idea for the corporate executive or employee.  Handcrafted writing instruments are mini-works of art, which can be enjoyed day-by-day, minute-by-minute.  Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they are practical.  A handcrafted pen can be used daily, so you don't have to worry about the gift sitting on a shelf.

A quality writing instrument makes a statement about its owner.  They subtly tell the world that they are confident and are in charge.  That they care about the little things that add up to make a big difference.  Employees will notice, customers will notice, and partners will notice that they care about quality.

Who Receives Pens as Gifts?

Fine pens and writing instruments are coveted by people everywhere.  There is a resurgence of interest in quality pens.  Quality pens have been given as gifts to corporate executive at companies across the wolrd as thank you gifts, for recognition of an award and to retirees as a parting gift.  There are many reasons to give a handcrafted pen.

Often, our pens are given to clients or customers as thank you gifts.  Every year hundreds of pen are presented as thank you gifts - it is a great way to say thank you.  Our pens have been given as gifts to the Board of Directors, corporate executives, special thank you gifts and as gifts of appreciation. 

An attorney recently received a handmade pen that I made as a gift from a client.  Usually, a client doesn't give their attorney a gift, but they felt compelled to do something that would show how much they appreciated the attorney's effort.  When the pen was presented, the attorney was touched, as it was the first time that a client had ever given something back to them as recognition.  Today, that attorney uses that gift everyday in court as a reminder.

A customer had a custom order for 10 pens that were given as gifts to their clients.  I recently had a company purchase a number of pens that they gave to their employees upon completion of a special project.  There are so many reasons to say thank you.

Pens are given as recognition for a job well done.  A pen was recently given to an employee as part of their yearly performance review.  The employee was honored to have received a good review, a raise and a handmade pen.  The pen is a tangible everyday reminder that the employee should strive for excellence.  Which is what the employer intended.  A great idea!

Take the Time to Say that You Care

No matter what you give as a gift to a corporate colleague, take the time to find a gift that will be used and treasured.  Find a gift that is handmade, or unique, so that they will remember why you gave them the gift.  After all, isn't that the point?