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Maple is a very popular and available domestic US wood species.  It comes in many types, but we commonly use Curly Maple, Birdseye Maple, Spalted Maple and Big Leaf Maple in making pens.  Curly Maple is typically a sugar maple that has dramatic lines that give it a wavy, undulating look to the wood.  Birdseye Maple typically has small "eyes" that dot the wood, giving it a dramatic, spotted look.  Spalted Maple is a maple wood that has dramatic black lines that are a result of a biological spalting process when the wood is on the ground. Big Leaf Maple has dramatic grain and texture which we use to make spectacular looking pens.  The colors often run from a dark tan to an almost purple gray, but often have spectacular grain patters that look geometric.  Often, this wood can have dramatic birds eye ("eyes") patterns and each piece can vary significantly.  Domestically sourced from the USA, this is one of our more popular wood species.

Whichever type, they all make beautiful pens.