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Custom Acrylic Pens

At Mazurka Pens, we recognize that e100% Satisfaction Guaranteedach customer is unique.  I make each pen by hand and try to keep a wide variety of acrylic pens in stock.  If you don't see the exact acrylic pen that you want, please contact me.  There are so many colors and varieties, we can certainly find one you will like.

I enjoy making custom pens to order, so if you have a specific type of acrylic, or color of acrylic that you would like me to use, please let me know.  I can make a custom acrylic pen with any combination of materials, pen style and finish.  I do enjoy working with you to find the right combination that you are looking for.

I will be pleased to take a custom order to make a pen to your specifications.  Please fill out the contact form located on the custom order page for more information.

If you see a pen on our Gallery section and are interested in that particular style, we will do our best to make a similar pen.  Please keep in mind that each pen is unique, so it isn't possible to duplicate a pen, but we do our best to make you a special handmade pen to your liking.  You can contact me at sales@mazurkapens.com with the type of wood, the style of pen, and the metal finish, or any other special requests and I will be pleased to custom make the pen to your specifications.