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Types of Pens

Styles of Pens - Rollerball, Fountain and Ballpoint

Most people simply pick up a pen and start using it.  Modern manufacturing techniques have produced a plethora of inexpensive, disposable ballpoint pens.  Most people use them, without even thinking about it.  But, there are many options for the type of your next handcrafted pen.  Here is a list of three of the most popular types of pens / writing instruments, and the different types of pens in use today.

Ballpoint Pens

Clearly, the workhorse of the pen world is the ballpoint pen.  So ubiquitous is this type of pen, that many people do not even know that there are other options!  Which is a shame, as each type of pen has its strength and weakness.  Ballpoint pens are great for when you need:

  • Handmade Pen - Ballpoint PenA rugged pen tip that will receive regular, harsh use
  • The need to press hard on paper, such as through carbon forms or in dirty work environments
  • Need to change pen colors quickly
  • Need to loan your pen to others
  • Inexpensive writing instrument


Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens combine the tip of a ballpoint pen with a smoother flowing type of ink that flows more easily when writing.  Where ballpoint pens use an ink that essentially sits on top of the paper, the ink in a rollerball pen flows onto and then into the paper, soaking into the fibers.  This makes a more permanent mark, and leaves the user with a smoother writing experience with little effort.  These pens are great for when you:

  • Handmade rollerball pen rhodium black titaniumWant a more permanent ink / mark, since the ink flows more into the fibers of the paper
  • Want a smooth writing experience, since ink is thinner and flows easily
  • Need less effort to write, great for arthritis or for quicker writing speed
  • Want more colors of ink, since water-soluble dye allows for greater color ranges
  • Need the ability to have a finer point tip


Fountain Pens

A fountain pen evokes the memory of the type of pen used hundreds of years ago, where the pen tip was dipped into ink (dip pen).  Although these pens are still used by enthusiasts, modern fountain pens use ink cartridges, so they combine the convenience of the modern dye-based inks with the smooth writing experience of the nib.  Read more about the history of fountain pens.  These pens are great when:

  • Fountain Pen - Handmade PenYou want to make a bold statement about your pen, as the pen has a distinctive look
  • Want a status symbol or a pen that serves as a piece of art
  • Want the permanence of ink that flows into the paper
  • Want to write easily and smoothly with little effort
  • Have the convenience of cartridges to replace the ink colors
  • You want ability to have a finer point tip

No matter which type of pen you choose, select one that uses quality materials and workmanship.  You won't be disappointed with a high-quality handmade pen / writing instrument.

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