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Why Choose a Handmade Gift?

In this world of mass-produced items, it can be a challenge to rationalize the thought process of selecting a handmade item to give as a gift.  Mass produced items are easy to find in any store or online outlet and are often less expensive.  But, do they offer more value?  Does a mass-produced item really convey the meaning of the thought behind the gift?

When selecting a handmade gift, consider that any object that has been handmade by an artist has the following characteristics:

Supports a local community

Artists are by their nature local to the community that they serve.  They work locally, buy local goods and support other local businesses.  Money stays in the community which helps benefit everyone.

Supports artists

In the bigger picture, artisans often need extra support over other businesses.  Their work usually isn't capable of being mass-produced.  Therefore, their total production output is lower than any other type of business, which means that they often need a little extra support from consumers who appreciate the effort in creating something made by hand.

Handmade by Proxy

Giving a handmade gift is something unique in today's world.  By giving a handmade gift, you are in essence saying that if you didn't have the skill to make the gift, you took the time to find someone who does have that skill.

A Gift of Love 

Giving a handmade item as a gift tells the recipient that you love them, that you took the time to go the extra effort in finding something special.

Unique Gift 

Many handmade gifts are a unique work of art.  This means that your investment in that gift will better stand the test of time.  A unique gift is something to be treasured.

Personal Connection 

By purchasing from an artist, you make a personal connection.  Buying a mass-produced item, simply takes your hard-earned money and moves it to a nameless, faceless company.  Those dollars are then often taken offshore, where worker that you will never know are used to produce items.  Buying from an artist is a great way to know that your money has supported a person - not a company.

Whether your intent is to support local craftsman, to support the local community or to make a special statement, giving a handmade gift is a great way to say "Your Special".