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Gabon Ebony Handmade Pens

What an amazing wood!  Gabon Ebony is almost pure black, it is dense and polishes to an amazing finish.  This is one of the most popular types of wood to use when making a pen.  Pens created from thie wood are very classic in nature, and immediately command attention.  The wood occassionally has some dark brown and red higlights, which give it character.  It is a straight grained, hard and dense wood. 

To learn more about the other types of wood that are used in making a handmade pen, check out our page on our wood used in making handcrafted pens.  To learn more about other materials, check out our page on the types of material we use as our canvas.

Ebony - Gabon

This classic looking pen is made from gabon ebony and finished with a gold trim.  The pen is a classic looking pen, set off by the jet-black look of ebony.

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 Gabon Ebony Pen Example